It’s January, and many people are practicing the new habit of working out.  Well, what if you think about your workouts just a bit differently than the conventional feel-the-burn, squat-til-you-drop, push-past-the-pain practice?  While an endorphin rush is great and you feel great because you did something, what if you still were able to get your endorphin rush and feel great because you did something OPTIMALLY?  At CIMS and with The Wellness Approach for Women, we start with and focus on the A, B, C’s.

  1. Align

  2. Breathe

  3. Control

Am I aligning my joints and body properly?  Am I breathing optimally?  Am I controlling the movement while staying aligned and breathing optimally?  Any one of these A, B, C’s, when NOT done optimally during your workouts, will leave you feeling tight, sore, or with potential discomfort or even pain.  However, imagine finishing your workout and being able to say, “Wow!  I don’t feel the need to stretch out.”  or “Hey, I usually get shoulder pain when I do push ups, but I didn’t today.”  That’s because you practiced maintaining your A, B, C’s during your workout.

Now, we’re at the end of January, and some of you might also be feeling the challenge of maintaining your new workout habit in the new year.  For a little extra guidance on how to stick to your new habit (whether it’s working out or otherwise), James Clear discusses The 3 R’s of Habit Change: How to Start New Habits that Actually Stick.  He illustrates what these 3 R’s are (Reminder, Routine, Reward) and gives examples of how to practice them, which, ultimately, helps you stick to your new habit.  For more detailed information on this article and how to implement the 3 R’s, visit

Wishing you success in the new year, please let this newsletter serve as our Reminder to you, to help you create the Routine of the A, B, C’s each and every time you workout, so you get the Reward of moving better, looking better, and feeling better in the activities you need, want, and love to do! 

Here’s to your movement health in the new year!