It’s only the beginning of November, and stores are already in full swing for the holidays! If you’re anything like me, holiday shopping stresses you out and you tend to procrastinate when it comes to going to the mall and buying presents. Luckily this year, some stores are offering their Black Friday deals online starting as early as last week. This means you can avoid the hectic parking lots, the long check out lines, and you can even start checking items off of your holiday shopping list by visiting some of these websites:

You'll find Amazon's early Black Friday sales right here:

Be sure to jump on spectacular holiday savings at Walmart:

Office Depot/OfficeMax will also start holiday deals early, with savings on laptops and touchscreen computers from now until November 15th:

Until 11/15 Sears is having a special Veterans Day Sale. Some apparel, appliances, tools and footwear will be available on sale on top of the 5% to 15% discount that's for online only purchases:

I have also found in my research that a lot of websites are offering free holiday shipping and extended return policies to make life a little easier. This year I plan on doing most, if not all of my shopping online which means I will have more time to spend with my friends and family. Good luck with your shopping this holiday season!

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