Crunch, crunchies, sit ups, roll ups, curl ups...there are about as many sit up type exercises as there are names for them. 

While people use crunches as the go-to exercise, there are far better ones out there that, when done correctly, can help to lengthen your spine, stabilize your core, and yes, even cinch the waist. 

In the following video, I've demonstrated how to do the Dead Bug and a more challenging version with leg extensions. I like both of these for a couple reasons. 

  1. They help to activate a deep core muscle, the transverse abdominus, often referred to as the waist cincher or the body's natural (and friendly!) corset. This helps us to stabilize the spine and prepare our bodies for safe, effective movement. 

  2. They incorporate both upper and lower extremities, giving us a multi-faceted exercise.