Why Exercise Has to be Specific

One question we routinely get from our patients is about the exercises we utilize at Chicago Integrative Movement Specialists™. For example, why do we focus so much on breathing and spine stability and not perform exercises like crunches and leg raises . We also get many questions about exercises our patients are currently doing - why some are better than others, which ones are not so effective, and which ones may actually be causing you pain.


It is important to note that not all exercise is created the same!


As your experts in movement, we want to help you get the most out of your exercise. In the next several newsletters, we are going to address exercise - precisely which exercises are most effective, how to get the most out of your exercise whether you like to Pilates, walk, or ride your bike. Additionally, we will look at the exercises that may be contraindicated if you have back pain, shoulder tightness, or hip degeneration.


In this edition, Dr. Osar will discuss some of our exercises we use, which exercises are most effective for you, and which exercises may be contraindicated if you have pain or dysfunction.


In the next edition, Dr. Bill will discuss 'functional exercise' and discuss how the right type of exercise can help you accomplish your health and fitness goals.


In a future edition, our fitness specialist Sara Fisher will discuss specific exercises you want to do and which ones you must avoid if you have had abdominal surgery including C-sections, hysterectomy, gall bladder or ovarian cyst removal.


And if you have any questions regarding your current exercise program, contact us.