“We become what we repeatedly do.” - Aristotle

Hello and happy October from all of us here at CIMS.

Because of our teaching and travel schedule, it’s been awhile since we’ve been in touch.

However, we are taking full responsibility and not using that as an excuse.

So, to ensure we are no longer making excuses for not staying in touch with you, we are resolving to change our habits.

For the next 2 months we are going to help you improve your health by changing your habits.

You see, there is one underlying reason why it is challenging to adhere to your health and fitness goals no matter how motivated you are.

The reason so many of us fail to reach our health and fitness goals is because we haven’t changed our habits.

If your motivation is high, you will be able to stick with your plan even when you haven’t changed your habits. However, if you lose motivation (and you will at some point) you will have a hard time sticking to your goals once your motivation wanes.

Therefore, you must resolve to change your habits.

What are habits?

Habits are the things we do on a regular basis that have become so ingrained that they occur almost at an automatic level.

For example, if you see the rear tail lights come on in the car in front of you, you put your brakes on. It’s a habit you have created from many years of driving. You don’t consciously think about it because it happens at the unconscious level since you’ve done it tens of thousands of times.

Another habit you likely do before bed is you brush and floss your teeth. You’ve created the habit because for years your parents made you brush and floss before bed. Now you just do it without really giving it much conscious thought.

There are many habits we have created around our health. For examples, a common habit many individuals have for dealing with stressful situations is they reach for a glass of wine or junk food.

Or they experience some discomfort and rather than addressing the issue, they just ‘muscle’ through it or take pain medication until it becomes unbearable and they quit being active or stop exercising. These are non-productive habits that will eventually derail your success.

Your objective to achieving any health and fitness goal is to change your habits.

To support you in the process of achieving your goals, our team will be educating you in the coming weeks on the process of habit creation.

I’ve recorded three short videos covering the 3 rules of creating any change you want whether your goals are to improve:

  • Your weight
  • Your fitness level
  • How you feel
  • Your finances
  • Your relationships

And to keep up us honest and committed to our own information, we will also be taking on this challenge by creating a new set of habits for ourselves.

For example, I’ve committed to meditating for 5 minutes every single day. I’m currently on day 28.

I’ve also committed to eating no grains or dessert and I am on day number 104.

I’ve been able to adhere to this program because I’ve followed the three rules I will share with you in these three videos.

And while you may have heard it only takes 21 days to create a new habit, research has shown it takes minimally 66 days and over 200 days for some individuals.

Therefore, for the next 66 days (which will take us to the end of the year) Jenice and Sara will be sharing with you our “Micro-habit Plan™” – the same plan I have used to eliminate grains and dessert from my eating plan and begin a daily meditation practice.

We are committing this fall to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals and thrive rather than just survive the upcoming holidays.

Stay tuned for more information and support in creating powerful habits so you can achieve your goals this fall and through the hectic holiday season.

Be sure to check out Jenice and Sara on the Chicago Integrative Movement Specialists Facebook page Monday-Friday with micro-habits you can use to feel better in your body.

We are starting the 2017 IMS Fitbit Challenge on Friday, October 27th.  This year it will be 66 days taking you right into the new year!  All the proceeds will go to Puppies Behind Bars which helps serve veterans with PTSD.

Click here to learn more and how you can participate.