We need to get to obtain a variety of nutrients through our diet. However, there is one nutrient that has significant ramifications on our health including:

ü  it decreases inflammation which can decrease joint pain, muscle pain, and even help the onset of some disease processes;

ü  it helps our memory;

ü  it helps our circulation;

ü  it is required for hormone production;

ü  it can elevate our mood;

ü  it can boost our immune system;

ü  and it is good for every cell in our body and can improve our longevity. 

What is this super-nutrient? 

Omega 3 fatty acids.


And the majority of us don’t get enough of them in our daily diet.

Despite all the reported benefits, a recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association calls into question the efficacy of these suggested benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids.

In this webinar I will share with you why this nutrient is so important to our health. I will also share with you what happens when we don’t take in enough Omega 3’s and why the majority of us need to be taking in more of this all-important nutrient. I will also share with you the best sources so it will be easy to get more Omega 3 through your regular diet