Since the release of our book What Lies Beneath: the Under-realized Effects of Breast, Abdominal, & Pelvic Surgeries; How They Affect You & What You Can Do About It, we've had men ask us--”What about us?  Is it the same?  We need your help too.”  Never fear, gentlemen.  We can help you, too...and we have been working with you all along.  So, ladies, if you know a man in your life who has experienced, chest, abdominal, or pelvic surgery, please pass this newsletter along.  

We noticed a commonality among some of the men who asked us these questions.  They had previously had hernia surgeries.  Even after a hernia surgery, common complaints included feeling like they couldn’t activate their abdominals, tightness and restriction in the hips (or hip flexors), low back tightness or pain, difficulties eliminating, to name a few.  These are some of the same symptoms women experience after a hernia surgery as well.  

Sweater-Scar TissueIn our experience, we’ve been able to work with men in the same way that we work with women in regards to this type of surgery.  The body mechanics are the same.  Remember that any time there is a surgical procedure, no matter how seemingly small or insignificant, the body will lay down scar tissue as part of the healing process.  This scar tissue is stickier and not as fluid/flexible as the original tissue.  As it lays down, it can adhere or attach to nearby structures in an effort to anchor.  As the body moves, these adhesions can then pull on those structures, much like pulling a loose thread on a sweater.  It doesn’t just pull on that area, it pulls throughout the line of the body.  This could explain why your hips are restricted and tight even though you had an abdominal hernia repair.  

Now, if your doctor says your surgery is still sound, and you are cleared for working out, you can start making some changes for yourself, starting immediately.  The first thing that needs to be addressed is removing the restrictions from the surgery itself, then follow up with training a new stability pattern, so your body reverts back to it’s old habits less and less.  See the video above for our #1 strategy that we teach all our clients, and if you’d like to explore options more specific to you, contact us today.  Jenice and I can help you get started on your journey, helping return you to the activities you need, want, and love to do!