sara11 years ago, I gave birth to our first son via Caesarean.  A couple of months before this, I completed my personal training certification.  After his birth, I saw the need to get certified as a perinatal fitness professional.  It was during this training that I learned of how women who have had Caesareans should see an Occupational/Physical Therapist or, at the very least perform on their own, the release of scar tissue around the incision site.  This never appealed to me, since any time I put my hand near my scar, it brought about too painful memories that surrounded the surgery.  Along with that, it has always been a sensitive site that I just didn't want anyone "digging" into vigorously in order to release.  I never pursued this avenue and didn't do much about it for a number of years.  Yet, it still concerned me because I was worried how it would affect me years down the road.  What I didn't realize was that it was already affecting my daily functioning.  I never associated my other issues with the scar tissue, like back pain or pulling/tugging at the incision site while urinating.  I thought I had simply waited a bit too long to use the bathroom.

Then, in 2005, I was a passenger in a very serious car accident, and I didn't heal as quickly as my friends.  It took me a long time to figure out why that was likely.  It was at this point that I began to see Dr. Osar on a regular basis.  I started to feel better, move better, and breathe better.  I even got off of my asthma/allergy medications.  During our sessions, we talked about training and how what he does is different--how it gets to the source of the problem and changes the movement habits of a person, rather than slapping a band-aid on it.  Naturally, I had to learn more, and after a few months I began working with Dr. Osar and Jenice, as a personal trainer.  Through the years, I have learned more than I could ever have anticipated, and have had the good fortune to teach and train others how to move better, function better.
During this time I had a second child (delivered VBAC), and then, in 2011, came more personal stress than I had ever endured in my life.  Along with that, came more physical issues such as a relapse of severe allergies, digestive troubles, and physical pain of various kinds.  I couldn't workout the way I wanted.  I was completely exhausted at the end of my work day, further exacerbating my physical and emotional pain.  It got to the point where I was having so much trouble breathing that I thought I needed to go back on medication.  And for a while I did.  They helped only slightly, so I knew there was something more going on.
Up to this point, I had seen Jenice off and on for manual therapy, but it was at this point that I turned to her and said, "I need to start seeing you on a regular basis."  I needed to get my life back on track and figure out what was going on with this out of control body.  I've been seeing her on a regular basis for 2 years now, and after about 18 months of weekly visits, I felt "the switch."  My body clicked and started to snowball in a positive direction again.
Between her work to "reset" my soft tissues or reboot (is what it feels like to me), along with my daily or near daily re-education or restorative movement exercises (as well as a shift in my dietary habits, yet again), I have been able to increase my energy level, go back to exercising ("smarter not mindless harder" this time around), and increase my workload because I don't have the pain I used to.  Sometimes, my body gets off track, but I now have the tools to get myself back on track or the knowledge of when it's time to see Jenice again to help me get back on track.  This way, I'm able to prevent myself from going too far down the path of dysfunction.  I have hope again.  I feel empowered that I have a way to help myself or know the people I need to see in order to help me help myself again.