November 19, 2009

What is this thing called Fascia and why is it important to you.
By:  Jenice Mattek, CMT/L, COTA

Perhaps you may have felt frustrated about the long form you had to fill out when you first came to our office.  Asking your medical history, injuries etc.  Perhaps you didn't completely understand why the doctor kept asking you questions about injuries or accidents that happened so long ago and had nothing to do with the reason for your visit.

Continue reading and I will share a little anatomy and physiology with you that might explain why all the forms and questions.

Subject:  Fascia

What is it?

A tissue that is found everywhere in our body.  The consistency of healthy fascia is like the clear substance that surrounds chicken.

Why is it important for us to know about it?

As stated above fascia is everywhere in our body.  It runs like a web through our body connecting our body from head to toe, front to back etc.  It surrounds our muscles, organs etc.

When we are injured from stubbing our toe, car accidents, sprains, strains surgeries, etc the whole system or web is affected.  Just think if you were to pull a loose string in sweater.  If you continue to pull on the string you could see it pull through the entire sweater.

Another example is, if you could push on a spider web without breaking it you would see that force change the entire shape of the web.

When we have any number of injuries related to those listed above or thousands of different ones this entire fascial system or web is affected.

When a practitioner takes your medical history especially the folks at O.S.A.R. Consulting we do it because it may help explain the pain you feel today and your pain could be unrelated to the area you directly feel it in.  The pain may be new to you but, the cause could be from an injury you may have long forgotten about.

There is so much more to know about this amazing thing called fascia and I look forward to sharing it with you.  Next time we will talk about fascial release.  I will share with you what some of my clients have said about it.

Until then...Happy Thanksgiving!

October 28, 2009

Massage Therapy Awareness Week
By:  Jenice Mattek, CMT/L, COTA
Jenice MattekThis week is Massage Therapy Awareness Week.
As a massage therapist I want to do my part to make the public at large aware of massage and all its extraordinary benefits.

Too often I hear, "massage is a luxury."  While I do agree that the services that can be added to a massage at spas like scrubs and wraps etc., may be luxurious sounding the benefits of regular massage work are hardly what I would call luxurious.  Rather I would call them a necessity, especially in today's society.

Last time I highlighted just some of the benefits of massage work and none of them sounded luxurious unless relaxation, decreased blood pressure, decreased pain and tightness sounds luxurious. 

I remember reading in massage school that massage was the first form of physical therapy used with soldiers who were healing from a war injury.  I hardly think they felt it was a luxury.  The clients that I work with who suffer from chronic pain, tightness, stiffness, headaches, shoulder pain or other pain related to injury, surgery and posture hardly feel like it is a luxury.

The therapists working at O.S.A.R. Consulting specialize in the technique called fascial release.  You may have heard the term myofascial release and perhaps have experienced it.  It may have been deep work or light work.  There are many variations of the technique.  We use a very light  technique that allows us to work with the fascia instead of against it.  Many of our clients describe the work as being whole body. 

Next time I will share with you exactly what fascia is, why it is so important to how your body moves and functions along with how fascial release may help you or someone you know.

If you have been looking for a massage therapist I have once again included the link below to the American Massage Therapy Association's website and the find a therapist link.  Search for a massage therapist now

October 13, 2009

October 25-31, 2009 is Massage Therapy Awareness Week.
Do you know the benefits of massage therapy?
There are many forms of massage therapy available to consumers today.  How do you know what is right for you?

Just some of the benefits of massage therapy:

  • Overall relaxation
  • Decreased pain
  • Increased body awareness
  • Increased range of motion in the joints
  • Increased blood flow
  • Reduces stress
  • Decrease scar tissue
  • Increased flexibility

Where can you find massage therapists and how do you know if that therapist is right for you and what your body needs?

Ask your friends if they can refer you to a therapist that they use.

Ask your medical doctor, chiropractic physician or physical therapist if they can refer you to a therapist.

The American Massage Therapy Association offers Find A Massage Therapist where you can locate a massage therapist by location, type of massage, days they work, etc.

When you speak with a therapist ask them what technique(s) he/she uses.

Any therapist should take a medical history before treamtent and explain the treatment to you.

O.S.A.R. Consulting therapists specialize in fascial release.

More to come next time on the benefits of fascial release.